Location Intelligence

Sensors Everywhere More and more companies are monitoring key assets using sensor technology.  The radical increase in real-time data volume is a boon to truly understanding an enterprise’s operational position.  However, parsing volatile real-time data streams with traditional approaches bogs down already stressed infrastructures. VeriPoint’s...

Real-time Analytics

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Compare, trend, and anticipate in real-time. Make key decisions based on actionable data from any data source. We provide robust speedy reporting and advanced analytics for high-demand dynamic platforms.  VeriPoint’s is uniquely designed to handle demanding real-time data from GPS/RFID sensors, web mash ups, and map...

Real-time Analytics

Our Value

How VeriPoint Can Help Make The Difference. Become a market leader and leverage competitive analytics to control costs, maximize assets, reduce risk, and provide best-in-class customer service. Take control of your own destiny, and slice and dice your data as you need to see it...

Taking you to the next level

Move Ahead of the Competition

Market Leaders Compete on Analytics. Only 5% of companies compete in the marketplace based on analytics and it’s no coincidence they are the top performers in their industries. Set your self apart in the marketplace with VeriPoint. Get the complete picture of your company by...

Win-Win Relationship

Ready for Change

How do you know if your organization is ready for a change? Do you suffer from these symptoms? Symptom 1: Buried You’d like to be more efficient but you are buried under a barrage of reports and spreadsheets just to get a handle on the...


Compete on Analytics. It not only makes sense, it makes money.

VeriPoint Technology

In this new hyper-connected world full of sensors and mobile devices, the VeriPoint  e.Mergent™  Analytic Platform provides blazing fast results under the most dynamic and demanding big data scenarios. Our SaaS platform delivers unrivaled robust real-time analytics and alerting. We serve customers dealing with a variety of complex reporting and alerting needs from telemetry to location intelligence. Our solution helps clients better manage their resources and serve their end customers. With actionable information at your fingertips, you can increase productivity, reduce cost, mitigate risk, and increase customer satisfaction. Leverage our technology and leapfrog into the the 21st century!

Company Overview

VeriPoint provides industry leading real-time web analytics and alerting for businesses that need to connect to all the resources in their entire enterprise.  With VeriPoint, businesses can connect the dots and report, trend, alert, and anticipate in real-time.  This enables enterprises to make key decisions based on actionable data from multiple data sources and devices.  Through our e.Mergent Platform, BI Practice, and white label partnerships, we help 100's of companies and municipalities around the world drive performance, gain insights, and improve their bottom line.